Overseas by Mathias Dahlgren

Food Type
  • International
  • South-East Asian
Diet Type
  • Pescatarian
  • Plant Based
  • Vegetarian
  • Overwater
Opening Hours
  • Open for lunch and dinner all week, except Friday.

With a name inspired by its breath-taking overwater location in Soneva Jani’s lagoon, Overseas by Mathias Dahlgren is the brainchild of the acclaimed Swedish chef and restaurateur. After visiting Soneva Jani, Mathias fell in love with the location and wanted to celebrate the seafood found in the Indian Ocean and the produce grown in the resort’s organic gardens. Located by The Gathering, the overwater al fresco restaurant and kitchen has a laid-back atmosphere with uninterrupted views towards the horizon is open for lunch and dinner.

The menu focuses on pescatarian, vegetarian and plant-based dishes, serving a selection of single plates, sharing plates and signature mains for lunch and dinner.

The fish and seafood featured on the menu are sustainably caught in local waters, while the organic vegetables, herbs and fruit are freshly picked from Soneva Jani’s own organic gardens. The menu is split mostly between seafood and vegetarian dishes, while there will be fully plant-based options. A pre-set menu of Chef’s Choices is the highlight, letting diners try a full range of dishes which includes single plates, sharing plates, signature dishes, an open selection for the main dish and dessert.

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