Down to Earth by Chef Umed

Food Type
  • Indian
  • On the beach
Opening Hours
  • Open for dinner

Chef Umed delights guests with traditional Northern Frontier cuisine with a touch of Middle Eastern influences and the subtle flavours of the north of India. Hear tales of how the dishes he prepares come from the old days of Indian Kings and Queens.

Down to Earth by Chef Umed Singh is Soneva Kiri’s newest toes-in-the-sand Indian dining experience.

Taking its inspiration from the Northern Frontier region, each dish uses a simple preparation style, with the meat, seafood and vegetables lightly marinated and cooked in a tandoor so they remain tender and succulent. Spices are used sparingly, so as not to overpower the natural flavours of the fresh ingredients. The tandoor and kebabs rely on different cooking variations that bring out distinct flavours and aromas. Many of the dishes in this cuisine have a smoky flavour that comes from using the clay tandoor, and the rich, thick gravies are a result of using dried fruits, cream and saffron. The hints of Middle Eastern influences from beyond India’s northern border add another dimension to each dish.

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