Ayurveda principles to integrate into the rhythm of your life

Beth Alexander gives us insights on the benefits of living a life in tune with Ayurveda. She writes about balance and going beyond the physical realm into a more wholistic way of living.

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Your Self-Care Guide For Sensitive Skin

Tips and suggestions from Talya Honebeek on how we can protect and nourish sensitive skin by simply following the seven steps in this insightful article.

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How to “hygge” your workspace, whether in an office or working from home

Hygge is the cozy feeling you get when you are enjoying the good things in life, either alone or with loved ones or friends. Learn how we can “hygge” our homes & workspaces, and enrich our lives further.

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Conscious Consumerism: A worthy journey

Consumerism is a double-edged sword. Dola Agunbiade calls attention to the crisis we now face and how conscious consumerism is the key to this complexity.

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