The Slowlife Diaries

A Day in the Life

Follow our Hosts through their 'not so typical' days.

A Day in the Life – Maavin Munthasir

Marine Biology Assistant and Astronomer Whether exploring the aquascapes below the waves or gazing out into the great and mysterious universe, Maavin is lucky to do both while at Soneva Jani. Take a peek into his typical day at the resort of … Read more

The world’s best commute

Some of our Hosts at Soneva have a remarkable commute to work every day! In these times of social distancing, we think it’s the ideal way to get around. Click here to watch the video. Read more

A Day in the Life – Matt Robison

Soneva Jani’s Digital Storyteller and Astronomer: The Best Job in The World My typical day could possibly be nominated for the best job in the world because I am able to do two things that I love the most, in paradise. My background … Read more

A Day in the Life – Grant Ruffel

Captain of Soneva in Aqua Grant has been captaining boats of all kinds in a multitude of places around the globe for more than two decades. After being in charge of one of the first electrically propelled super yachts in excess of 100t, he … Read more

A Day in the Life – Mohamed Faseeh

Area Director of Food and Beverages, Maldives My pre-work routine I usually wake-up around 05:45 in the morning, say my prayers, read a few case studies, a book or go through some courses. Then I hit the gym for 30 or a little over 30 minutes to … Read more

A Day in the Life – Khady Hamid

Community Engagement Manager, Soneva Fushi I usually get a lot of confused looks from people when I tell them that I am the Community Engagement Manager at Soneva Fushi. Mainly because it isn’t typical to have a dedicated person overseeing … Read more

A Day in the Life – At the Den

Kate Polenok, Area Den Manager, the Maldives Imagine standing in front of the unknown, choosing which door to pick. There are three, so choose wisely.The door takes you through the magic tunnel, and right into the Den – home to fun, learning, … Read more

A Day in the Life – Eline Postma

Soneva Fushi’s Marine Biologist Eline joined Soneva in late 2017, and since then she has been teaching guests, Hosts, and the community at large how they can live more sustainably and take better care of our oceans. Her ultimate goal is … Read more

A Day in the Life – Azhoora Ahmed

Surf Experience Manager for Soneva Surf I am the Surf Experience Manager for the Soneva Surf programme at Soneva Fushi and Soneva Jani. Soneva Surf is the world’s first fully sustainable luxury surf programme – all the equipment and … Read more

A Day in the Life – Aimée Johnston

Soneva Fushi’s Barefoot Bookseller How my morning begins My day in the Barefoot Bookshop begins when I bring a stack of hardback books out to our veranda. There, I display them on a desk made of sanded down slabs of wood and I sit and read … Read more